Northside Community Service is proud to stand alongside the large range of people, organisations and agencies across Australia calling on the Federal Government to ensure the continuation of the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) beyond 2017.

An open letter to the Government signed by 209 organisations can be found here.

Northside is committed to remaining a strong voice for advocacy on homelessness issues in Canberra, and nationally. We are an organisational partner in the innovative Common Ground project, and the manager of a range of programs that support people experiencing homelessness – including people that are most at risk of vulnerability and disadvantage in our community.  As such, we know the importance of collaboration, partnership and leadership.

The NPAH provides a strong national commitment to each of those in the fight against homelessness.

Ending the NPAH would see disastrous outcomes for people already experiencing disadvantage, and would see community programs and services like the ones unable to help those who really need support.

We stand with Homelessness Australia and National Shelter in calling on the December 9 Council of Australian Government meeting to reaffirm and recommit to the NPAH, to ensure that vital services can continue to save lives in 2017.

– Simon Rosenberg, CEO