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It was disappointing for us here at Northside when we read the media reports last week that claimed that half of educators working in ACT early childhood education and care (ECEC) services did not have a qualification.

This paints the ACT’s work in ECEC in a bad light – but we know that the sector is working hard to meet the important quality requirements of the National Quality Framework. As we stated in a media release, the data quoted actually comes from 2013 and isn’t reflective of the ACT today.

We wanted to tell a different story, from our own team of professional and committed educators, across all 4 of our Early Childhood Centres.


In the Northside Children’s Services team:

  • Every single educator holds or is working towards a qualification
  • Of the 68 educators currently working directly with young children in our Centres, 7 are currently studying to obtain their Certificate III in Children’s Services – which means 61 (or 90%) of our educators are already formally qualified.

Here’s something we’re also really proud of:

  • 12 of our Children’s Services Team hold or are studying towards obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Teaching or Education. That’s 17% of our team.


We’re really excited about this, as prior to 2012 in the ACT there was no requirement at all for tertiary-qualified teachers to work in ECEC services. It’s a big commitment to be studying a tertiary degree while working, so we wanted to make sure that their dedication to their important work with children and their families was acknowledged.

Research is clear that children achieve the best outcomes when they work alongside highly-qualified and trained educators and teachers. At Northside, and across the ACT sector, we’ve never had more qualified people working with children.