Donations to Northside 

Northside relies on and appreciates the generous support of the community to help the Northside teams help people in need. Financial or ‘in kind’ support for Northside programs ensures the continuing delivery of a broad range of exceptional services to many groups within the ACT, while also identifying and addressing new and emerging needs.

Northside cannot do all this alone. Donations to Northside go towards supporting  existing programs, improving infrastructure and resources to benefit service users and the broader community, or to developing new and improved programs to meet service gaps.

As Northside holds deductible gift recipient status donations of more than $2.00 to  programs are tax deductible.


How to donate

Donations can be made in person at Northside’s office via cash and EFT. You can also pay by credit card over the phone by calling 02 6171 8000 during business hours. Alternatively, donations can be made via direct deposit, cheque or money order. When arranging your donation please ensure you provide accurate and up to date contact information to enable the Finance Team to provide your receipt and documentation about the outcomes from your donation.


What happens when you donate?

Each donation of $2.00 or more receives a written response with a receipt for tax purposes, and an explanation of what your donation will be used towards. If your donation is to benefit a specific program of your choosing, you’ll receive a written response of thanks, and an explanation of how your donation was used.

Financial donations of over $100 are recognised in the Northside Community Service annual report. Donations of over $250 are recognised in the Northside Community Service annual report and on the website.


Donations of in-kind support and volunteering

Northside is also happy to accept donations of in-kind support. If you or your business would like to donate resources or services please contact the Northside team on 02 6171 8000 to discuss options.

Northside runs a vibrant and diverse Volunteering Program which operates across the organisation. If you or your business is interested volunteering opportunities, please call Northside on 02 6171 8000 to discuss an opportunity that suits you. Individual volunteers are acknowledged throughout the year as part of the volunteering team, while corporate volunteers are recognised through promotional releases and on the website.