The Northside team has always loved the dulcet tones of our mates in the Canberra Gay and Lesbian Qwire, we have also appreciated the help of several Qwire members in helping us improve our services to become more accessible and inclusive.

The Canberra Gay and Lesbian Qwire consists of approximately 120 members from all walks of life, ranging from late teens right through to the wiser generations; all drawn together by their common love of music and singing.

Qwire continues to grow in size, diversity and the quality of its performances.  The Qwire is highly regarded within the straight and queer community not only for its vocal strength and performances, but also for its relaxed and social atmosphere. The Qwire brings together people from diverse sections of the ACT queer community and their allies and supporters to challenge stereotypes, and more importantly, build a bridge between the queer community and the non-queer community of Canberra through music.

The Qwire is a perfect example of an inclusive, welcoming and highly valued community group and the Northside team considers themselves very lucky to have the Qwire members as critical friends of the organisation.

Click the Qwire logo below to check out their up and coming events.