Our team understand the value you place on independence and freedom and work to action to main outcomes:

  1. To help keep you enjoying your home for as long as you wish to stay;
  2. To support you to stay engaged with the activities you love in your community of choice. 

Northside has delivered Community and In Home Support services to the Canberra community for more than 30 years. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional services which exceed your expectations and achieve the outcomes expected within the Aged Care Quality Standards, the set of standards which guide and regulate all aged care providers in Australia. A link to the standards can be found here

There are four Aged Care Options that you can access through the Northside team, these are:

  1. Commonwealth Home Support Programme (Government funded)
  2. Individual Home Care Packages (Government Subsidised)
  3. Department of Veterans Affairs Packages (Government funded)
  4. Full Fee Paying Private Services (Fee for Service) 

Commonwealth Home Support – Low Level Support

Many older individuals start using aged care services when they need a little bit of support.  This can include, but is not limited to, cleaning, help with showering, or basic home maintenance such as changing light bulbs and installing handrails.  Services could also include help with shopping and meal preparation or attending excursions with a social group.

This entry level of support is called CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program).  More than 780,000 older Australians accessed this low level support last financial year.

Northside are funded to provide this program by the Australian Government and our team delivers this entry-level support to just over 700 individuals each year, which includes delivery of:

  • Domestic Assistance
  • Personal Care
  • Social Support for Individuals
  • Social Groups
  • Community Transport
  • Assistance with Care and Housing

Clients of this service are asked to pay a contribution to the cost of their care as outlined in our fees schedule however no one is ever denied service because of their inability to pay.

Individual Home Care Packages – Higher Level of Support

Home Care (or Aged Care) Packages provide a coordinated package of services with the assistance of a case coordinator and are considered a higher level of support than entry level services like Commonwealth Home Support. It is a government-subsidised program that provides long term support for older people who want to stay living in their own home.  Depending on what you identify as important, a package can fund a range of supports.  This could include

Personal Care                                                 Cleaning

Social Support                                                Medication Management

Home Maintenance or Gardening             Meal Preparation

Nursing or other Allied Health                    Transportation

  (physiotherapy, dietitian, podiatrist)      Shopping Assistance

The costs of each package vary from person to person depending on their level of need. Funding for packages  is allocated to individuals based on their income and the hours of care they are eligible to receive.

Department of Veterans Affairs Home Support

This type of support is similar to the commonwealth Home Support Programme, however is funded by the Commonwealth Department for Veterans Affairs. The services are for any current or ex-service men or women who have been assessed as eligible for support and services

Full Fee Paying Services

Northside has some individuals who engage us to deliver the same high quality and safe services outside of a subsidised or funded system, and purchase their services and support at full cost.  The Northside team are more than happy to discuss full fee-paying arrangements with individuals although it should be noted that we work from a wellness and enable model which means we work with you to keep you independent rather than operating like a commercial cleaning service.