Northside’s Community Service team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and leadership across all areas of service delivery, management and governance within the organisation. This helps to ensure Northside Community Service (Northside) remains effective, open and accountable to its communities of interest. 

Professional ethics within Northside’s Community Service division are expected from staff members at all times. Ethical behaviour in community work is essential because workers, practitioners and volunteers often work with the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of people within a community.  Northside’s Community Service division adheres to the Australian Community Worker Association Code of Ethics[1] and any conduct or behaviour opposed to the full recognition of human dignity and individual rights will be considered improper and unacceptable.

We have a range of policies and procedures that support and guide our operations which have been developed in accordance with the ACWA Code of Ethics, Age Care Act 1997, Age Care Quality Standards 2018 and National Standards for Mental Health Services and local A.C.T. regulatory frameworks.

Below are links to several important policies which provide you with details about our commitment to professionalism and service excellence.

Access and Equity (ACQS1)

Advocacy Policy (ACQS 6)

Client Decision Making (ACQS1)

Client Rights and Responsibilities (ACQS1)

Dignity and Choice (ACQS 1)

Feedback and Complaints (ACQS 6)

Informed Consent Policy (ACQS 1)

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (ACQS1)

Professional Boundaries (ACQS 7)

Professional Ethics and Conduct Policy (ASQS 7)

Protection of Children & Young People Policy

Trauma Informed Practice Policy (NMHS 1)

Management of a Serious Incident (ACQS 8)

Elder Abuse & Neglect (ACQS 8)