All programs and activities conducted by Northside Community Service and our staff members are provided within a comprehensive framework of policies and procedures. Drawing together relevant legislation, regulations and industry standards, our policies and procedures provide security, safety and model better practice for our clients, staff members and general communities. Of particular importance to our vision for a fair and inclusive community, is a commitment to the Human Rights Act, 2004. The provisions of the Act are to apply to all activities (both internal and external) of Northside Community Service.  All staff members, both paid and unpaid are covered by the provision of the Act in all that they do (including but not limited to how they conduct themselves and how they relate to service users).

Below you will find a selection of key policies and procedures applying to the entire organisation. For additional information or documentation, please contact Northside Community Service by phone on 02 6257 2255 or by email to

Child Protection (Governance)

Client Privacy Policy

Human Rights Act 2004 Policy

Whistleblower Policy