Partnering with Alzheimer’s Australia ACT and Majura Men’s Shed to provide a inclusive environment for people experiencing Younger Onset Dementia


Capacity building is an essential component of meeting the unique needs of people living with younger onset dementia, their carers and families. Whether it is volunteering activities, hobbies, health or social interactions Younger Onset Dementia Key Workers are involved in working alongside the person with younger onset dementia and those around them to identify potential activities and partners who can help create an inclusive environment for them. Alzheimer’s Australia ACT’s Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker program has partnered with Northside Community Service and Majura Men’s Shed to develop a dementia-friendly environment for people with dementia to participate in a unique woodworking enterprise.

The program provides unique support for the skills and employment backgrounds of its younger onset dementia team members to be maintained and maximised. Each week, one group cuts the wood products into kit form and the other group prepares the products for sale by sanding, assembling, varnishing and packaging the final products.

These and many other capacity building activities undertaken by Younger Onset Dementia Key Workers around Australia provide people living with younger onset dementia the opportunity to engage in their community and participate in meaningful activities that recognise and utilise their unique skills and experience. These capacity building activities and initiatives are a big step towards building dementia-friendly environments that can have enormous positive impacts on people with younger onset dementia, their carers and families.

To find out more about our partners in this program visit the Alzheimer’s Australia ACT website, or click here to find out more about Majura Men’s Shed.