The Majura Men’s Shed

The Majura Men’s Shed has been an integral part of the Northside team for more than 10 years and was originally supported by our organisation as a community development project in the early days when it was just four men, a bench and a dream.

The founding members of the Majura Men’s Shed were Marcus, Bert, Howard and Noel and to this day Marcus remains as ‘The Shed’s’ committee President.Little did the four know that after almost a decade the Majura Men’s Shed would grow into a magnificent space with indoor and outdoor covered work areas, community garden, tea room, facilities and storage and a membership of more than 60 lovely lads.  They don’t require a lot of assistance from Northside these days as they have their own committee and income from fundraising and grants. It is more likely that you will find them helping Northside out at one of the monthly BBQs at Dickson shops.


The Majura Men’s Shed aims to work with older men in the local region to reduce social isolation and increase their capacity to continue to actively contribute to the local community. The Shed provides a substitute space for those members who have downsized their homes and no longer have a ‘place for hobbies’, or have moved into a retirement home. This in turn encourages new social interaction, friendships and also provides access to other social networks, local events and activities.

If you are unfamiliar with the Men’s Shed model we  encourage you to come and have a tour. It really is a best practice example of how a truly inclusive community should work. Social, financial and cultural differences are put aside and a common interest binds the group together.


The Majura Men’s Shed is located in Rosevear Place, Dickson. The Men’s Shed is a shared space for local men both young and old, to get together and connect over shared hobbies and interests, to develop and share skills while building friendships and connections.

Men who participate in the Majura Men’s Shed work on projects for their community, including restoring or building furniture and organising fundraising and social events.

Joining a Men’s Shed is a great way to get out of the house into a relaxing and fun environment and share knowledge and experiences with new friends.


Community Fundraising

The Majura Men’s Shed currently runs a fundraising BBQ with the support of Northside and other community groups. This BBQ is held from 11 am until 2 pm on the first Friday of every month outside the Dickson Library within the Dickson Shops precinct. Proceeds from the BBQ are used to sustain the Men’s Shed.

For more information please call us on 6171 8000.