In Conversation with Reggio Emilia

Northside, in partnership with Asia Pacific Early Childhood Consultants, is offering a series of seminars exploring the principles of the Reggio Emilia Educational Project.

The seminars have explored the core principles of Reggio Emilia’s approach to teaching and learning with young children, including image of child, pedagogical practices and rich and meaningful documentation.

The seminars are ongoing, and information on the sessions – as well as how to make a booking – can be found at Asia Pacific Early Childhood Consultants website.


Big Ideas Day

In August, Northside held the inaugural “Big Ideas Day” for Educators and Teachers in its four Early Childhood Centres. Educators of all qualification levels and experience were given a fantastic opportunity to hear Professor Deborah Harcourt speak on a number of topics important to contemporary early childhood education, including how our own values and beliefs shape our teaching.

Educators were challenged to think about how we view children and children’s learning, and how we can provide meaningful opportunities for learning in our day-to-day practice.

The second Big Ideas Day was held in October, and you can read more about the event here.