Northside’s Community Service team has a reputation for courage in practice. We like to do things a little differently, push the envelope and challenge the long held beliefs about what is best for individuals and their communities. 

We’re not the biggest community organisation in the ACT, but we pride ourselves on being the bravest.

Our team is committed to respecting the rights of people who come in contact with our services, and to this end we have developed our Client Service Guarantee. This fundamental commitment promotes the rights of the individual to inclusion, respect, fair treatment, dignity, non-discrimination, safety and freedom.

Our service guarantee really brings us back to the core reasons why our staff members have chosen to work in the community sector. The overriding aim of all  our community service programs is to stop the ACT’s most vulnerable community members from being ‘left behind’ or overlooked, and to ensure they are visible, included and safe.

Each member of the Community Service team is personally dedicated to incorporating commitment to these ideas into every aspect of work undertaken for Northside’s clients.

We are proud of our programs and the partnerships we hold with our clients and community members. We also welcome the opportunity to reflect and improve upon our services. If you have feedback, please contact us.