The Northside Team is committed to respecting the rights of people who access our services or work with us to strengthen our community.

Our fundamental commitment under this guarantee is that we promote your rights to inclusion, respect, fair treatment, dignity, non-discrimination, safety and freedom.

  • We will explain to you how our service works, our service commitment to you, and what your rights and obligations are.
  • We respect the cultural values of all of our community members and commit to providing our services in a culturally sensitive way.
  • We are committed to your safety and will make every effort to ensure you are safe in our service.
  • We will admit when we can not help, and make every effort to find someone who can.
  • We will maintain strong relationships with other service providers to ensure that your needs are met and goals achieved.
  • We commit to providing support for you to maintain strong relationships with the people who are important to you.
  • We respect your rights to make choices about your home, your family and your life.
  • We commit to providing you with information about any changes to our services.
  • We encourage you to help design and improve your services with us.
  • We commit to social justice and to work towards changing things in our society to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

We welcome your feedback on the services we provide, and your suggestions on ways we can improve things – you can contact us here or submit feedback about any aspect of our organisation via our online feedback tool.

Of particular importance to our vision for a fair and inclusive community, is a commitment to the Human Rights Act, 2004. The provisions of the Act are to apply to all activities (both internal and external) of Northside Community Service.  All staff members, both paid and unpaid are covered by the provision of the Act in all that they do (including but not limited to how they conduct themselves and how they relate to service users).